You and your team are being targeted by email fraudsters. RIGHT NOW.

By Mark Dodds

Email security is your new headache.  

Organised criminal gangs of hackers are targeting all businesses, especially your size.  

They want to steal data, or lock it so you have to pay to get it back.  

You know the scariest thing? They’re targeting YOU – CEOs, MDs, FDs and other senior staff.  

Because if they can get you to click on a link in a dodgy email and access your computer, you typically have access to higher level systems. Which is potentially more profitable for them.  

People send more than 205 billion emails every single day. It’s a lot of activity. And it’s why you need a smart approach to keep your business safe.  

This is about getting the right mix of technology to protect you. And policies to stop humans from messing up.  

In our experience, the CEO or MD is most likely to break the rules. Often, they can be the greatest data security risk in the business.  

We’ve written a brand new guide about email security. And how you can keep your business safe.  

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