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Every business owner in the architecture, engineering and construction industry should read this. It's a new book, telling the sobering story of Michael. He's a business owner, just like you.

After a pleasant family holiday abroad, Michael discovers his business has been hacked and £12,000 stolen. Hackers have secretly been monitoring his email for weeks, and changed the payment details for his biggest supplier. His staff fell for it.. and the money was swiped.  

To add insult to injury, he still needs to pay the supplier. Making a total loss of £24,000.  

Follow Michael's story as he unravels the hack, and then puts in place a blended security answer to make sure it doesn't happen again.  

Michael's story is a fictionalised version of something we've seen happen again and again across Birmingham. I've written a book called "Out of Office" to show how easily it could happen to you... and what to do to protect your business.

Claim your physical copy of this 40 page paperback book today, it's TOTALLY FREE, including the postage.

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Meet Mark.

Hi, I'm Mark, co-owner here at Compex IT. Me and my team specialise in helping businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands save time, money and work smarter by removing their IT and technology frustrations...ultimately giving them peace of mind.

Our clients are empowered to work remotely, flexibly and more adeptly whilst doing so in a simple and secure way.

We've been humbled to receive fantastic praise from our clients

"With our old provider, we never felt that we were speaking to someone who knew us or knew our IT business objectives. With Compex IT, we have trust in knowing that they are offering us the best possible advice for our needs.."

- Amanda Duignan, Engineering Services Consultancy Ltd, Birmingham

"I know that if we have a problem, they'll get right onto it and sort things out. In a nutshell: they get s*%* done!. They're the best. They're down to earth, friendly and really reliable.."

- Hannah Knight, Lucent Financial Planning, Solihull

"Working with Compex IT helps us innovate, which is incredibly important in our line of work. We have been able to completely change the way we work.."

- Dhiran Vagdia, Vagdia and Holmes Architects, Coventry

"As engineering consultants, IT is vital to our business for communication and output. In working with Compex IT, there was a quick & clear improvement in terms of how we use IT in our daily operations, our confidence in IT has now returned.."

- Janet Newbold, SVM Associates Ltd, Birmingham

"Computers are intergral to everything we d, it's easy to take them for granted but when they don't work properly it costs time and money. Now we have a system we can trust and supports our services to our clients which is so important to us.."

- Clare Birdsell, Stoford Developments Ltd, Birmingham